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Our mission is to provide the best, easiest, most comprehensive and least expensive solution to manage and account for stock-based compensation plans.

Our commitment is to exceed our client's expectations every step of the way.

As we created LoyaltyOptions, we decided to adopt certain principles in its design and in its business model. These are the basic principles that are guiding the evolution of LoyaltyOptions, the manifesto or charter for our operations.

One of the challenges that many systems have is that they are designed by programmers. This has an advantage of providing good technical advantages but lacks the functionality needed by users. In addition, big words are often used in the sales process to camouflage the system functionality. LoyaltyOptions was designed by administrators and accountants based on the feedback that we got from our clients; We always reach out to our clients and tell them: "Dream it, and we will make it happen." We have a solid commitment to continue enhancing LoyaltyOptions based on the feedback from our clients.

Security and Confidentaility

We take data Confidentiality and Security very seriously. Our platform is hosted and built using the top technologies that ensure that that the possibility of a breach is almost non-existent. In addition, our internal system design ensures the complete segregation of the data for our different clients. Finally, our internal controls ensure that your data is only accessed by yourself or by us upon your request.

Number Justification

LoyaltyOptions was designed from the ground up to provide justifications for every number that shows on the screen, and this is our commitment to you. As you use the system you will find that our drill-down capabilities extend to justifying the numbers even through formulae showing on Excel files. Our commitment to our clients is that we will not show a number on the screen without justifying it.


LoyaltyOptions is committed to using the best technologies available. This does not mean using leading/bleeding edge technologies but rather using best of breed, proven and tried technologies. LoyaltyOptions is using an Oracle database system for the back-end, Microsoft .net for its front-end and is hosted on Oracle Cloud. Our technical team is always on the outlook for new technologies that would improve our operations and fulfill the needs of our clients.

We strongly believe that most companies overcharge for the software that they produce.  The cost of producing software has dropped dramatically and will continue dropping. Just think about how much you have paid for the software you have on your mobile or on the popular applications you use on your computer.


As a result, we will always thrive to pass the savings to our clients and provide them with the highest value compared to competitors within the same class.

Ease of Use

Excelling in the usability is the hallmark of our system, and will  continue thriving to improve it. The application has extensive features to address the different needs of our different clients. We realize the fact that maintaining an easy to use application with extensive features is a challenge. To circumvent this challenge, our usability experts on staff adopted innovative usability strategies for retaining the ease of use while maintaining the richness of the application. You can get from any module to another module through only two clicks using our unique menu system. All the modules are using the same patterns, and we provide different views depending on the level of details your desire. In addition, reports of LoyaltyOptions are fully customizable to give you what you are looking for.


We realize that calculations for stock-based compensation are highly CPU intensive, and can take a long time to yield results. LoyaltyOptions uses the principles of Just-In-Time Data Warehousing, The JIT-DW technology improves the performance dramatically while ensuring the integrity of the data as it is retrieved in on real-time basis rather than being reflective of the prior day results.

What Our Clients Say


Bob MacBean, CEO, Environmental Waste International

I thought you would like to know that we love the product and were delighted to be an early adopter. It is comprehensive, logical and easy to use. As a long time user of a competitive product before transitioning to LoyaltyOptions, we were impressed with the outstanding service, product pricing, richness of functionality and usability. I would recommend Loyalty Options to anyone.

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