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The Top Solution for Managing and Accounting for Employee Stock-based Compensation and Employee Ownership

Gain the Peace of Mind for the Administration and Accounting of Your Employee Ownership Plans

LoyaltyOptions provides the full suite of components associated with managing and accounting for your stock-based compensation and employee ownership plans. In addition, we are always available 24x7 to help with any questions you may have.

  • Cap Tables

  • Statistical Reporting

  • Mini-Market

  • Share Certificates

  • Share Dilution

  • Employee Stock Options

  • Restricted Shares

  • Share Appreciation Rights

  • Deferred Share Units

  • Share Purchase Plans

  • Convertible Bonds

  • Grant Modifications

  • Performance Grants

  • ASC 718

  • IFRS 2

  • Grant Valuations

  • Monte-Carlo Simulations

  • Performance Grants

  • Black-Scholes

  • Binomial Valuations

  • Customized Disclosures

  • Tax Withholdings

  • Role-based Security

  • Employee Portal

  • Cashless Settlements

  • Auditor Portal

  • Sandbox

  • What-if Scenarios

  • Time Management

Unprecedented Versatility, Performance, Ease of Use Combined with Richness of the Application and Attention to Details

Every number that shows on the screen can be fully justified.

You can get from any place in the application to any place with just two clicks.

We provide unprecedented performance in the application using the principles of Just In Time Data Warehousing.

The system was designed by Accountants and Administrators for Accountants and Administrators.

We treat our customers as partners and continue enhancing the system based on their suggestions.

Some of our features (e.g. Monte Carlo Simulations and Loan Transfer Plans) are available only on the LoyaltyOptions platform.

We use the best technologies and hosting services for our platform.

We take the security, privacy and confidentiality of our client's data very seriously.

We Take Pride in Our Platform


Years of Combined Employee Ownership  Experience

1.5 Million

Lines of Modular Code

24x7 Support

We are available any time to answer all your questions

ASC 718

Full Accounting Support for US Stock-based Expense Reporting


Full accounting support for International Financial Reporting Standards

Our Partners

Are you ready to explore the benefits of using LoyaltyOptions?

You owe it to yourself and your company to get the best, most cost effective and easiest system to use for managing your employee ownership plans.


Allow us to show you what LoyaltyOptions can do for you and your company.

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