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Privacy Policy

This document outlines how LoyaltyOptions collects, uses, and manages the personal information of its users. We take the privacy of our client's data very seriously, and we try to take all measures possible to ensure its safety and its proper usage.

VeritableSoft Innovations Inc. commits to follow all the standards outlined in this document.

Table of Contents

  1. Collection of Information

  2. Use of Information

  3. Disclosure

  4. Consent

  5. Retention of Customer Information

  6. Accurate and Up-to-date Information

  7. Safeguards

  8. Access to Personal Information

  9. Challenging Privacy and Compliance

Collection of Information

LoyaltyOptions, the product owned and managed by VeritableSoft Innovations Inc. will collect information in fair lawful means from its customers.


LoyaltyOptions will collect non-public personal information about the customer (company) only through the information directly provided to LoyaltyOptions by the customers, or through other interactions that the customer or its representative has with the company. LoyaltyOptions will collect information with the purpose of serving the customer better.


LoyaltyOptions will collect publicly available information to reconcile against non-public information provided by the customers and will provide the reconciliation results only to the customers.


Use of Information

Customer information will only be used for the purpose identified when it is collected, and the sole beneficiary of this information will be the customer that provides it. This purpose primarily includes the functionality and solutions outlined in the Solutions page of the web site.



The company restricts access to personal information to only those who require it in order to provide products and services. LoyaltyOptions may share the personal information that it collects with affiliates, including affiliated service providers for the purposes identified above.



The customer providing private information directly to LoyaltyOptions has implicitly and explicitly provided consent for using the data for the purposes identified above. Customers consent must be taken prior to the collection use and disclosure of the information. The consent has to be documented to ensure compliance, when there are other suppliers or agents, external to LoyaltyOptions, that are helping the company provide the product to its customers. The customer may withdraw all or part of their consent from LoyaltyOptions re the use of their personal information. If the customer withdraws all or part of their consent, however, LoyaltyOptions may be limited in the services it is providing to the customer.


Retention of Customer Information

The customer's information will be retained in the company as long as it is required to serve its purpose. It has to be held in the company for a period of time to allow the customers to access it when they want to and also to fulfill the business need for collecting and holding the information. The customer retains the choice to archive or delete the data from the LoyaltyOptions production database.


Accurate and Up-to-date Information

The information in the LoyaltyOptions database is owned by the customer, and keeping the customer’s information accurate and up to date will help the company serve its customers better. Hence, it's important for the company to be notified of any changes in the customer's information so that it can take the necessary steps to change it immediately in an efficient and timely manner.



LoyaltyOptions ensures the integrity, security, and the privacy of a customer’s personal information because it's the foundation of the customers trust in the company and it is a sound business practice. LoyaltyOptions employs extensive physical, electronic and procedural controls in keeping with industry standards and practices, and regularly adapts these controls to respond to changing requirements and advances in technology.


Further, LoyaltyOptions ensures the safety and the accuracy of its database, therefore, there is an audit trail of all the transactions conducted on the system that are either deleted, edited, created, or cancelled.


Access to Personal Information

The customer has the right to access their information and question its accuracy or to ensure the existence, use, and disclosure of the information.


The following procedure will be employed when an access is requested:


  1. Identification of the individuals accessing the information should be authenticated.

  2. The information that the customer has requested to be accessed can be accessed by contacting the company by mail or telephone.

  3. If the customer cannot retrieve the personal information directly from the system, no charges will be required and the information requested will be extracted from the database immediately upon the customer's request.


Challenging Privacy and Compliance

To ensure best business practice and guaranteed customer satisfaction. The customer has the right to access its information and challenge LoyaltyOptions on how the policies and procedures are being implemented. The customer also can challenge how their information is safeguarded and retained according to the industry laws and regulations.


Customer’s concerns can be addressed to VeritableSoft Innovations Inc. by contacting LoyaltyOptions on the web site Contact-us page of the web site.


If the customer is still not satisfied with the results, they can contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada at:


112 Kent Street

Ottawa, ON

K1A 1H3.


Or telephone toll free at 1-800-282-1376.

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