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Pricing Model (*)

Our mission is to provide the best, easiest, most comprehensive and least expensive solution to manage and account for stock-based compensation plans. Our pricing model reflects our mission.


At Loyalty Options, we strongly believe that users should not be charged for software; Just think about how much you paid for the software on your mobile phone. As a result, we only charge for hosting, support, training, setup and customization. Our pricing model is simple and is shown below.

(*) As of 2022/12/01

Private Companies

(*) Per Additional Participant

Public Companies

(*) Per Additional Participant

Other Services

Initial Setup, Data Loading and Training: 50% of the annual Fees (minimum $400 and maximum $2,000)

Supplementary Training Session (after first year): $300

Letter Customization: Effort ($75/hr) up To $450

Contact us to learn more about how LoyaltyOptions can save your company thousands of dollars annually.

Q: Do you have a pricing calculator?

A: Yes, here it is:


Calculate Fees

Annual Fees:


One-time Setup Fees:

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