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Pricing Model (*)

Our mission is to provide the best, easiest, most comprehensive and least expensive solution to manage and account for stock-based compensation plans. Our pricing model reflects our mission.


At Loyalty Options, we strongly believe that the cost of software should be very low; Just think about how much you paid for the software on your mobile phone. As a result, we mainly charge for hosting, support, training, setup and customization. Our pricing model is simple and is shown below.

(*) As of 2024-07-19

Private Companies

(*) Per Additional Participant; Check the Pricing Calculator

Public Companies

(*) Per Additional Participant; Check the Pricing Calculator

Other Services

Initial Setup, Data Loading and Training: 50% of the annual Fees (minimum $500 and maximum $2,500)

Supplementary Training Session (after first year): $300

Letter Customization: $75/hr up to $450 (per letter)

Volatility Proxy Companies: $50 annually per company

Contact us to learn more about how LoyaltyOptions can save your company thousands of dollars annually.

  • Q: Why are your fees remarkably lower than the competition?
    A: We do not believe that our prices are low, but rather that the competition prices are high. After a LoyaltyOptions demo, you will realize the value that it provides. The cost of software development dropped dramatically. The task that would have taken one week to be done ten years ago is now accomplished in less than a day. Just think about the last time you paid for an app on your phone.
  • Q: How does LoyaltyOptions compare to the competition?
    A: LoyaltyOptions was designed from the ground up based on the following principles: Ease of Use Comprehensive Functionality and Features (Please see our Solutions Page) Full Justification of Every Number Once you see a demo of the application you will appreciate LoyaltyOption's superiority in balancing the richness of the application and its ease of use..
  • Q: What about support?
    A: We provide 24 x 7 phone support and 9:00 to 18:00 chat support.
  • Q: Will the price change after the first year?
    A: The prices on this page are guaranteed never to increase for existing clients by more than the higher of the inflation rate and 5%.
  • Q: Do you provide any guarantees?
    A: Yes; you have no obligation to pay your invoice unless and until we exceed your expectations every step of the way. And, Yes, we guarantee that your price will not increase by more than the inflation rate or 5%.

Q: Do you have a pricing calculator?

A: Yes, here it is:


Calculate Fees

Annual Fees:


One-time Setup Fees:

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